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Saturday, April 14, 2007

56 Day and Still No Apology

56 days and no apology from Eddie Murphy, no contact from Biden’s office, and now Imus shows his behind. I offered the services of my public relations firm, Act Like You Been Raised, but neither Murphy nor Biden saw fit to contact me. My rates are steep, but my services are well worth it. Maybe Imus will have his people call my people.

You know what my sainted mother used to say (and yes, I was raised Catholic and my maiden surname is Irish), “Hard head, soft behind.” You people better start listening to me—and yes, I said “you people.”

You know why Imus apologized and Murphy didn’t? Because a lot was at stake for Imus and nothing was at stake for Murphy. Imus lost sponsors. You remember what sponsors are, don’t you children? That’s right Jamal, sponsors are the guys who were paying Imus tons of money to spout mean spirited, bigoted, diatribes that appealed to other mean spirited, bigoted people. But once “We the People” raised our voices in protest, the sponsors took their money and slithered away trying all the while to look sanctimonious about cutting and running.

Remember this children—under the right kind of light, slime trails glow in the dark.

Why hasn’t Murphy apologized for virtually calling black women big fat nappy head hoes for close to two hours? (Mixed race black women escaped his slimefest) Because he doesn’t have to, that’s why. A little matter of $94,815,036, says he doesn’t have to. That’s what Norbit has grossed so far according to Box Office Mojo. Expected worldwide earnings are $150,250,410.

Maybe Paramount’s Dreamworks should be apologizing. Imus took 10 seconds to say what Dreamworks took nearly two hours to rub in our faces.

Children, remember how Mother frequently says it all about the money? Here’s something else I won’t you to remember, “Money talks, bullshit walks” (yes dears, Mother is bilingual)

Don’t worry, Mother hasn’t forgotten about those little rappers out there saying all those nasty things about women, and making those blue movies they call videos. But all of this talk about ill manner children saying and doing things that reflect so poorly on their mothers has got me feeling a little dirty. Let me go take a bath and we’ll talk more later.

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At 4/14/2007 1:28 PM , Blogger Dave said...

Mother, good to see you back in print, been a few days, but I always keep an eye out for my favorite bloggers. I trust life is being good to you?

On the whole apology issue, which seems, (as you have very wisely indicated here) to be much broader than just the insensitive flavor of the week mouth piece, is growing rapidly of late.

But what is an apology worth, in so many words? Even if these people seek forgiveness for being offensive idiots, their words are shallow. I hear people like Michael Richards or Don Imus "apologize" and it is 100% meaningless to me because they are doing it under coercion, threat, duress.

How often do we see high profile names come out of their own free will and announce 'hey, you know what, I was thinking about something I said last week, and although none of my audience was offended by it, it upset me, and so I am here today to just let you all know that I have some issues, I slipped, and for that I am sorry."

THAT I would believe. I would applaud this type of behavior.

At 4/14/2007 3:05 PM , Blogger Mother said...

Dave, always good to hear from you. You are making my points for me ;-)
I could care less about an apology, but these people must be called to task, and Mother is doing it in her way.

I think the only one to put himself in check voluntarily, was Richard Prior after his trip to Africa.

I want to hate speech to stop. I don't care who it directed at, it is not funny and it should not be acceptable.

If we (all of us--male, female, black, yellow, brown, white, lgbt) demanded that it stop and let our money do the talking, the hate speech would cease.

I'll deal with the double standard--black folk can say certain things and others can't--in a later post. Right now I'm trying to complete a 25 page paper on blog fiction which is due tomorrow night--but I just had to let you know Mother is listening. Take care.

At 4/14/2007 3:09 PM , Blogger Mother said...

Mother is listening and she is also a bit whacky. Please excuse the typos in my comment above, but you know what I'm trying to say ;-)

At 4/16/2007 5:07 AM , Blogger Dave said...

25 pages?? That sounds to be a challenge and a half. Wait, so it was due.. Sunday night, so given that it's Monday morning.. you are done! :) Celebration time!

At 4/16/2007 2:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best piece I've read on the Imus etc. dust up


At 4/17/2007 8:36 AM , Blogger credo said...

Great post. I was wondering if you were off writing some great piece.

At 4/22/2007 9:45 PM , Blogger Mother said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I'm flattered.

Credo! You're too kind. Thank you.

At 4/24/2007 12:17 PM , Blogger Martin Lindsey. said...

Wow, I'm duly impressed by your "bilingualism", Ma (LOL). The old phrase is "when in Rome do as the Romans do" and by extension speak Latin.

So, how would you characterise your Terryisms if we could put them into a memorable catch phrase?

Glad you're feeling better, by the way.

At 4/25/2007 2:30 PM , Blogger Mother said...

Thanks, Martin. It's great to be back. Terryisms--I like the sound of that. I'll have to think on the catch phrase. You have anything in mind?


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