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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Gorilla Blood and a Couple More Octaves

I always check my voice right after I’ve had a cold. I sing a little ditty to see if, miracle of miracles, the cold altered my vocal cords and left behind a singing voice.

I’m particularly hopeful when a cold develops into laryngitis. I’ve calculated that were I to lose my voice completely and then regain it (death and rebirth for you mythologist out there) I would stand to gain few more octaves.

It could happen. I watched enough movies during the fifties to know what is possible. In the fifties, you could make a paralyzed person walk simply by injecting a little gorilla blood into her arm. A convict’s transplanted hand could turn a law abiding citizen into a homicidal maniac. And don’t get me started on that reefer madness.

Come on cold season. I really want to sing. I’m ready to sing Summertime. Tell you what I’ll do—I’m going to sing a before and after song for you. Here’s the before:

Now, that wasn’t so bad. Fortunately for you and me I’ve found an online voice teacher. So, stay tuned. My throat’s feeling a little scratchy. Perhaps a cold is coming on. Who knows, 2007 just may be the year you see me on American Idol.



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