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Monday, March 19, 2007

Paris, Texas Faces Flood Threat--From Crocodile Tears

Bloggers Having Impact on Shaquanda Cotton Case

In today's Paris News, writer Phillip Hamilton bemoaned:

"With Lamar County Fairgrounds used as a backdrop, there was another lynching Monday — a journalistic lynching that started at the hands of Chicago Tribune senior correspondent Howard Witt."

Lynching Metaphors R Us

Using highly emotional lynching metaphors, Hamilton describes how Paris, Texas is being wronged:

"Doused with racially charged words like "starkly segregated" and word pictures of blacks scalded with hot irons and finally burned to death or hanged," Paris is being burned at the media stake by a journalist that didn't get the whole story poking the hot irons and igniting the fire."

The nerve, Sir. The very nerve. The gall to compare the public scrutiny your town is receiving to a lynching. I am forced to quoted my sainted mother here--You, Mr. Hamilton have, more nerve than a brass ass monkey.

Blogs Cited for Causing City Pain

"Consider, said Mr. Hamilton, "this comment posted on a blog: "To the extent that you can spread the word about what has transpired — and reach out to those concerned about the future (and present) of Paris, Texas, please do so. It seems to me that a great place to begin might be the Board of Directors of the Kimberly-Clark Corp., the Campbell Soup Co. and the Sara Lee Bakery Group."

Was that you, YBP causing so much heart burn?

I think I'll buy some stock in those companies, if any are publicly traded, then I can stand up at share holder meeting and have my say.

Remember--It's All About the Money

Hamilton lamented:

"Some folks who read the story will make calls, and corporate officials will remember those calls the next time Paris is in contention for a plant expansion or when deciding whether to close a plant here or elsewhere. Witt's fiction could kill this community's economic future if allowed to stand as truth."

Hamilton Doesn't Get It

Listen Mr. Hamilton and listen closely--This is about a child. It is not about economics. It is not about plant expansion. This is about the life of Shaquanda Cotton. We demand that it be returned to her.

And stop feeling sorry for yourself. Why not directing your energy toward building a museum commemorating the people who were lynched in Paris, Texas, and I'm not speaking metaphorically.

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